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Strange Echoes
Edited by D. Alexander Ward and Gina Scapellato

Quiet your thoughts, steady your breath, and open your mind to the unusual.

Far from the noise of the world itself, something calls from within the silence. Follow the sound of varied voices whispering unfamiliar words as they lead you down dark, untrodden paths. But tread with care, for you are not alone—and there are monsters lying in wait.

A runaway with a dark secret wanders a desolate landscape. A solitary man meets a fantastical metal beast in need of kindness. A demonic girl struggles with her dark origins and her uncertain future. A lonely woman sees herself in an ancient artifact and must find a renewed spirit in her misshapen life. An expecting couple endures madness and a family curse to save their unborn child. Two sisters, conjoined and living in two worlds at once, are cleaved by darkness but united by a common love.
Listen as these voices guide you through turbulent stories; tales filled with order and chaos, triumph and trauma, darkness and light.

By the last word spoken and the last page turned, you will know their names.

Kristin Peterson, Matilda Lewis, Pamela M. Durgin, Andrea Eberly, Samuel Marzioli, and Starlene Justice.

New voices give rise to Strange Echoes.

These voices demand to be heard.


Edited by Shane D. Keene and John F.D. Taff


People grow uneasy without reasons, without an answer to every question. We demand it. We crave it. It is an utterly human curse.

“He cut off their heads and baked them with pumpkin spice…”


“He chopped the old man to bits and hid the remains under the floorboards…”

Wonder and wander together through the pages of Morbidologies, which collects thirteen answers to such questions—twelve stories and one poem—from some of today’s hottest authors. But be wary. Some questions have answers you won’t like.
Some answers become morbidologies, for frequently there is no good reason "why."
There is only this dark world, calling us to look closer and closer, until we realize the only true answer is simply because.

Stories by Jonathan Janz, Gwendolyn Kiste, Craig Wallwork, Sonora Taylor, Chad Lutzke, Eric LaRocca, and so many more!


Shadows Over Main Street, Volume 3 

Edited by Doug Murano & D. Alexander Ward

This is the end…
…but it’s also just another Friday night in small-town America.

High school football teams vie for glory atop green fields while eldritch rot burbles underneath. Mom-and-pop shops shutter their storefronts while moms and dads lock their front doors…unaware that the real threats aren’t of this Earth and already surround them, waiting until the stars are right.

The Sun is about to set on Main Street once and for all.

In Shadows Over Main Street Volume 3, Doug Murano and D. Alexander Ward bring you the final, apocalyptic word in their groundbreaking series of small-town Lovecraftian terror. This is how it ends—not with a whimper, but a rising chorus in worship of the unthinkable along the back roads of America.

We knew you’d come back. You’re home.

Featuring new fiction from S.A. Cosby, Ramsey Campbell, Kristi DeMeester, Eric LaRocca, Clay McLeod Chapman, Laird Barron, and more!


Bleeding Edge Books is a small publisher of horror and dark fiction of all permutations with a focus on anthologies and novellas. Our goal is to explore the landscape of genre fiction and bring you meticulously crafted books that feature popular and established authors as well as new and emerging voices. We believe fiction should be a visceral experience. We seek to engage you, unsettle you, amaze you, break your heart, and piece it back together, leaving you forever changed.


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