Out Now!
The Bad Book

At long last, the wait is over. John F.D. Taff's anthology of Biblical horror stories is out now! Click on over to Amazon for the Kindle or paperback copy. Why not both! 

THE BAD BOOK features tales from the following authors:

Philip Fracassi · Kristi DeMeester · John Langan · Sarah Read 

Samantha Kolesnik · Todd Keisling · Cindy O'Quinn

Errick Nunnally · Doungjai Gam & Ed Kurtz · V. Castro

Hailey Piper · Mark Matthews · Alan Baxter



The Good Book.


You might have clutched it in your church pew on Sunday mornings.

You know the one? With the pebbled black soft cover, the words HOLY BIBLE stamped in gold ink. Perhaps it strengthened your faith, comforted you in dark times.

Multiple Bram Stoker Award-nominated John F.D. Taff has assembled a Last Supper of Dark Apostles to turn some of those "good book" parables on their heads—twisting Bible stories into sinister horror tales. 

Blasphemous? Heretical? We sincerely hope so.

As you read on, remember one thing, though. There’s no comfort to be found in The Bad Book.

No comfort at all.



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