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Joey Leonard's Last Horror Movie Marathon 

by Kevin Lucia

In Clifton Heights NY, Showbiz Video, the last video rental store in the Adirondacks, is finally closing its doors for good. Though cinephile and store manager Joey Leonard has anticipated this moment for years, he's still crippled by the loss. The store's now-deceased owner has willed him the entirety of the store's horror movies, and all Joey wants to do is drown his sorrows in booze and escape into a familiar, comforting ritual: a weekend horror movie marathon.

However, among the tapes willed to him, he finds a strange home recording which he initially passes off as a low-budget "found footage" movie. As he repeatedly watches it, however, it works an insidious change over him, fracturing his perception of reality and revealing to him a blasted and terrifying version of the world he knows.

So, get comfy on the couch, pour yourself a drink, and pour another one for Joey, too.


It's very likely this will be his last horror movie marathon.


Bleeding Edge Books is a small publisher of horror and dark fiction of all permutations with a focus on anthologies and novellas. Our goal is to explore the landscape of genre fiction and bring you meticulously crafted books that feature popular and established authors as well as new and emerging voices. We believe fiction should be a visceral experience. We seek to engage you, unsettle you, amaze you, break your heart, and piece it back together, leaving you forever changed.


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